I love challenges. I think big-picture. And, although I have a deep appreciation for elegant solutions, I have a knack at getting things to work.

I also love people. In a break from my work in technology, I spent two years in the Philippines working with children impacted by HIV/AIDS. When working on projects, I am motivated most by my team members. Ultimately, it is the people in my life that drive me and inspire me.

Talks and Presentations

Embrace HTTP/2 Server Push

HTTP/2 Server Push is and exciting new technology that you can use today. In this talk, I provided an overview of the history of the web, and the challenges that were addressed at each stage of its development, in the form of a child's narrative.

Additionally, it showed the benefits that HTTP/2 can provide to your SPA - especially those of its server push feature - and introduced Interlock as a way to embrace those changes.

January 2015

Senior Software Engineer, Formidable

Walmart.com Core Web

While a member of Core Web, I architected a new build and application infrastructure for Walmart.com and Walmart's global online properties. As part of that effort, I created a hybrid infrastructure that bridged legacy and next-generation application infrastructures. This allowed individual teams to adopt new technologies incrementally.

Following the successes of mock-first development in the Checkout team, the mocking framework I created saw increased adoption with other tracks and the organization at large. After a company-wide re-focus on end-to-end functional testing, I began supporting mocking efforts in a more formal capacity, including the development of tools that generate mocks from captured network data.

As a member of the React Working Group, I helped to define build and application architectural standards, promoted best-practices for emerging tools and technologies, and supported the formation of the new Walmart Labs React ecosystem.

Microsoft Office 365

I spent much of my time on mentorship and training, focusing on JavaScript frontend best practices, as well as React/Flux design patterns. Some of these best practices were later enforced using static analysis and test coverage requirements.

December 2013
December 2014

Software Engineer, Formidable

As a member of Walmart.com's Checkout Team, I designed the core flow of Walmart's checkout single-page application, serving millions of daily visitors and representing tens of millions in daily revenue.

Once we reached a stable point in the Checkout development life-cycle, I was tasked with extending the application to accommodate Walmart's new ShippingPass member features.

After continued difficulties relying on external dependencies, I created a flexible mocking framework for easy, offline development. It also served as a foundation for end-to-end automated functional testing. This mocking framework was later adopted organization-wide.

Outside of my Walmart work, I served as an instructor for our Formidable JavaScript training sessions.

June 2013
November 2013

Programming Intern, SpectraLux Corporation

Developed tools to parse and transform thousands of G-code programs standardizing into formatted, commented, simplified G-code programs. Included edge-cases for auto-generated and 20-year-old hand-written programs of several G-code dialects.

July 2011
April 2013

Missionary and Volunteer, Manila Philippines

I worked and built relationships with vulnerable children impacted by HIV. While there, I also collaborated on commemorative videos and dramas, and worked on communication and content strategy and web-design.

September 2010
July 2011

Care Provider

As the care-provider for a quadriplegic man, I assisted with his physical therapy and personal-care tasks that he was unable to do himself, cared for his children, and provided him with the support he needed to pursue his recovery.

January 2008
December 2010

Director, System and Networks

BeDynamic brought me on board to revamp and scale up their infrastructure in preparation for a new international customer. Over the course of almost three years, I worked to iteratively improve and expand our technological capabilities in order to meet the changing and growing needs of BeDynamic's business.

Once our changing needs slowed and stabilized, I had the opportunity to focus some of my efforts on other areas. Using custom-built tools to process and analyze trends in our product data, I identified problems, developed creative solutions, and coordinated with all involved parties to bring about positive changes.


“Dale's integrity, wit, and good-nature is inviting and inspirational...”

Kevin Humphreys